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FAQs on Wealth Management for SMEs
    Why should I consider wealth management?
      Wealth management is designed to help you maintain and grow your wealth during your lifetime and beyond. It starts with an in-depth analysis of your financial situation and investment objectives. Thereafter, an investment strategy is recommended and proactively managed to meet those objectives.
    Why do SMEs need succession planning?
      One of the most difficult issue you may face as SME is how to divide your business among your next-of-kin. It is a sensitive issue and an early planning can help avoid the problems that may arise later.

      According to statistics collected by the Family Firm Institute of Brooklyn, Massachusetts, "nearly 70% of all family firms fail before reaching the 2nd generation, and 88% fail before the 3rd generation; only about 3% of all family enterprises survive to the 4th generation and beyond."
    What is asset allocation?
      Asset allocation is the process of allocating the proportion of your money into different investment classes such as stocks, bonds, money market, and other investments(e.g. real estate). Your asset allocation will depend on your investment time frame, your savings goal, and how much risks you are willing to take to achieve that goal.
    Why is an investment plan useful?
      An investment plan outlines your objectives and ensures the investments you hold are appropriate for you. It provides clarity and direction to your investing decisions. The investment plan would determine how your assets should be invested based on your investment experience, tolerance for risks and objectives.