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FAQs on Making a Complaint
    What should I do if I have a complaint against a banking institution?
      You can either phone to make a complaint or write in formally to the banking institution. If you phone, remember to note down the name of the officer you spoke to, date and time you called.

      Usually, you will be advised to follow up with a complaint letter if the matter is complicated. Ensure that your letter is clear and simple to understand. Remember to give the important information for example name, account number and photocopies of relevant documents, and keep a copy of the complaint letter for your own reference. Information on the contact person, telephone number and e-mail address is available on Bank Negara Malaysia's website at

    How long should I wait for a reply from the banking institution after I have submitted my complaint?
      You should get a reply from your banking institution within two weeks after the complaint was received. If the complaint needs further investigation, your banking institution should inform you how much longer they will need to resolve your complaint.
    What is the standard complaint procedure?
      All banking institutions have set up a dedicated Complaints Unit to deal with customers' complaints. Therefore, you should first lodge your complaint with the banking institution concerned, as they will have a record of your details readily available. Your banking institution will investigate your case and give you a written reply on its decision.
    What if I am not satisfied with the decision made by my banking institution?
      If you are not satisfied with your banking institution's decision, you could submit your complaint to the Financial Mediation Bureau (FMB) within 6 months of receiving a decision from your bank. However, remember to check the scope of complaints handled by the FMB, as the FMB will not deal with complaints outside of their purview. Make sure you submit the details of your complaint to the FMB together with the "deadlock letter" from the banking institution. The "deadlock letter" is simply a letter explaining the banking institution's final decision on your case and its reasons for the decision taken.
    Does the FMB impose any fee for its services?
      No, the services provided by FMB are free of charge.
    How can the FMB be contacted for further information?
      FMB can be contacted at the following address:

      The Financial Mediation Bureau
      Level 25, No.4,
      Jalan Sultan Sulaiman,
      50000 Kuala Lumpur

      Telephone: 03-22722811
      Fax: 03-22745752

      The public can also obtain an information pamphlet on the FMB either from their respective banking institutions or from the FMB itself.

    Can I refer my complaint directly to the FMB without going to the banking institutions?
      No. FMB only deals with a complaint, which has initially been lodged with the banking institution concerned. The FMB would therefore require a copy of the letter from the banking institution ("deadlock letter") conveying its final decision.
    When should I file my complaint?
      You should file your complaint as soon as the problem arises as the matter can be dealt with more effectively while events are still fresh in your memory. If you want to submit your complaint to the FMB, you must do it within 6 months of receiving a decision from your banking institution.
    Can I refer a complaint which is pending in Court to FMB or BNM?
      No. FMB and BNM would not accept any case, which is pending in Court since the Court is in a better position to give judgement on the case concerned.

    If I am still not satisfied with the outcome of my complaint after deliberation by the FMB or BNM, what would be my next possible course of action?
      You may want to pursue legal action against the banking institution concerned. However, once you have accepted the settlement sum fixed by the FMB, you may lose your right to take legal action.