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  List of banking institutions in Malaysia
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25 Oct 2012 Handling Polymer Banknotes Correctly
Polymer banknotes were introduced in the new Malaysian currency series for the RM1 and RM 5 denomination. This article provides tips to ensure that the polymer banknotes are handled correctly
16 Aug 2012 Malaysia’s financial literacy ranking improves
“Saving, budgeting and investing are all important aspects of financial management. It is encouraging to know that Malaysians are responsible when it comes to day-to-day financial planning,”......
21 Jun 2012 PIDM issues scam warning
The Malaysia Deposit Insurance Corp (PIDM) has reminded the public to not act on any request to transfer money out of their bank accounts or make payment to it for the purpose of paying fees for insurance protection.
28 May 2012 Hectic lives can lead to carelessness, says cyber cop
“He was about to go out for a meeting when he decided to quickly check his e-mail before leaving the office."
28 May 2012 Banks put lid on online scams
Banks will introduce a new layer of security as they work closely with cyber security authorities and the police to combat the proliferation of online fraud.
15 May 2012 Using credit card to get cash called expensive, unwise
"I withdrew RM250, but was shocked when I received the credit card bill. I was charged a cash advance fee of RM50 for making that transaction. That is 25 per cent of the cash amount.”
20 Apr 2012 New Malaysian Banknotes Series to be issued Into Circulation from 16 July 2012
Bank Negara Malaysia is pleased to inform members of the public that the new Malaysian banknotes series will be issued into circulation from 16 July 2012.
27 Mar 2012 Reining in household debt
The responsible lending guidelines, among the pre-emptive measures by Bank Negara to contain surging household debt, have made a strong impact on most people. Will the guidelines be effective to control the alarming levels of household debt and put the brakes on loan growth?
23 Mar 2012 Bank Negara defends tighter housing loan regulations
Strict housing loan requirements are needed to ensure individuals do not borrow beyond their means, a Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) assistant governor said today.
06 Mar 2012 Beware of financial scams!
With the development in information and technology, internet and mobile based scams are a growing trend used by unsuspicious operators to defraud the public. These scams usually entice unsuspecting victims with valuable rewards in order to attain their personal information such as account and identification numbers.
02 Mar 2012 Consumer Guide on Borrowing
At some stage in life, one has to borrow money from financial institutions. How do you prepare yourself for this?
10 Feb 2012 Consumers spending less to save on income, survey finds
Malaysians are increasingly changing the way they spend to save on their household income, an online consumer survey shows.
KUALA LUMPUR: Household debt in Malaysia is not a problem for the banking system and ongoing supervision and programmes are conducted to ensure it does not become an issue for the economy, said Bank Negara.
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