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Bank Negara Malaysia Introduced Mobile Applications to Facilitate Financial Consumers in Making Informed Financial Decisions

Bank Negara Malaysia today introduced three new mobile applications to facilitate financial consumers in making informed financial decisions. The mobile applications are MyBNM, BNM MyLINK and MyTabung.

The development of mobile applications by Bank Negara Malaysia is aimed to equip wider segments of the population with the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to make smart and prudent financial decisions by leveraging on the advancement in technology.  The use of these mobile applications will not only provide consumers with the latest development and updates on financial matters, but also provide financial consumers with tools to plan and manage their finances and exercise their rights as financial consumers.

These mobile applications are available in both Bahasa Malaysia and English, and can be downloaded for free from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

MyBNM is the official Bank Negara Malaysia mobile application that allows consumers to keep abreast with the latest financial news including notices and announcements, speeches and interviews, press releases, financial fraud alerts and foreign exchange rates at their fingertips. This will facilitate consumers who are seeking for information on the latest developments in the financial industry in Malaysia and globally as well as for updates on the monetary and financial policies and regulations by Bank Negara Malaysia.

BNM MyLINK is a one-stop mobile application which provides a direct interface between consumers and financial service providers in Malaysia. It provides a directory of conventional and Islamic banking, insurance and takaful companies as well as SME institutions which allow consumers to connect directly with financial service providers to make enquiries, obtain advice and address their complaints.

MyTabung is a tool for individuals to create a personal or household budget. Users can capture incomes, savings and recurring expenses with an on-the-spot display of the user’s financial standing and spending patterns.  Individuals can also obtain financial advice and budgeting tips to guide them in practicing prudent financial management as a way of life.